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Newly-weds Sridevi and Yash are married in India in 2023, then must spend four years apart as Yash moves to Australia to pursue his medical career. In 2027, Sridevi moves to join him, but a lot has happened in those intervening years. Can they rekindle the love they once had? 2027. After four years apart, Sridevi is finally able to join Yash in Australia. They carry with them expectations of a fantasy reunion facilitated by hundreds of phone calls, Zooms, voice memos, sexy photos, crackling with tension. A lot has happened in those intervening years – and they’ll uncover a web of lies and false promises both sides have made. FOUR YEARS is an honest story of intimacy, affection, migration, power-dynamics and dream fulfilment.

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Akshay Ajit Singh - Shahana Goswami

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Easy Tiger Productions Pty Ltd


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ITV Studios Australia Pty Ltd

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