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The Screen Guide

Meet Ace McDougal... just your average, everyday nerdy school kid... Well he was, until he happened to be in the wrong dentist’s chair at the wrong time and accidentally said the secret codeword. Next thing he knew he’d been fitted with a set of top-secret, ultra high-tech experimental braces. From that moment on he’s catapulted - teeth first - into one oddball adventure after another! Now he’s the kid proving you’re never too nerdy to be cool!

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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Jeffery Richards - David Myles Brown - Lyall Brooks - Amanda Harrison - Ian Bliss - Peter Noble - Emily Wheaton - Jacqueline Brennan - Stephen Hall
Production Completion
Production Company
Galaxy Pop Pty Limited
Australian Sales
Galaxy Pop Pty Limited
International Sales
Galaxy Pop Pty Limited

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