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Ghostbear, a polar bear cub, is lost and alone in the great dark arctic wasteland. He trudges through the snow; a speck in search of meaning. His search brings him to an island and on that island is an Owl. The Owl will become the Ghostbear’s spirit guide, but before the Ghostbear can join the host of other creatures in the stars he must make his peace with the world. The Owl asks the Ghostbear to recall the most wondrous moments of his life. And the Ghostbear remembers the beauty of nature and he remembers streams filled with fat little fishies and love, most of all the Ghostbear remembers love.

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Choir: Cristanta Baker - Cameron Bird - Ralph Bird - Boots - Giancarlo Cilli - Lucia - Cilli - Leon Else - Gus Franklin - Gordi - Charlie Hall - Kate Miller-Heidke - Nick Krill - Jasper Leak - Lior - Paul McDermott - London O’Connor - Tom - Spender - Todd Starlin - Kellie Sutherland - Suzy Tetaz - Megan - Washington

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Resin Pty Ltd

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