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Goorrandalng is a song and a story. The Goorrandalng song is about brolgas. It's from Granny Sheba Dignari's mother and it is sung all the time for country, to keep it strong. Goorrandalng is also the name of the dreaming place, at Keep River National Park in the Northern Territory, where women can go to become pregnant. In the Goorrandalng dreamtime story, women went to the special place and turned in brolgas. Nowadays the brolga song, Goorrandalng, is taught to children in Miriwoong country as a good way to start learning about stories for country.

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Ju Ju Wilson
Ju Ju Wilson  Robyn Marais
Robyn Marais
Dir. of Photography
Rodney Stratton
Granny Sheba Dignari - Agnes Armstrong - Maggie John - Ju Ju Wilson
Production Completion
Production Company
Bigapitja Pty Ltd
Australian Sales
Bigapitja Pty Ltd
International Sales
Bigapitja Pty Ltd

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