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The first inside look at Greenpeace. Is the race to save the earth creating a new breed of hero? 'Commandos for conservation' and 'a well-drilled environmental army', are two of the catch phrases the media uses to describe the people and activities of Greenpeace. But what types of people are behind the well-publicised, dramatic stunts? What do captains of industry really think about them and the issues they are raising? HEROES OF OUR TIME infiltrates the inner sanctum of the organistion to explore these questions. It is a film about a Greenpeace direct action against the international oil company Caltex. This is the first time in Greepeace's 20 year history that a film crew has been allowed open access to the story that has traditionally been off-limits to the press. For an organistion that is so protective of its image, the people of Greenpeace Australia were surprisingly honest.

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Cathy Henkel  Catherine Marciniak
Cathy Henkel  Catherine Marciniak
Chris Oliver
Dir. of Photography
Pieter De Vries

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Film Australia Limited

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