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The Screen Guide

A love story and psychological thriller blurring the line between imagination and reality. Surviving an almost fatal fall, Abby is haunted by the voices and visions of two lovers, Theodore and Marie. Abby becomes obsessed with the race to save them. As the disturbing apparitions relentlessly torment her, an old tattered Teddy Bear proves her only solace. Feeling helpless, Thomas tries to retain control as Abby begins to slip away from him. Her increasing emotional distance and bizarre behaviour strains their relationship. Losing faith in Abby's recovery he turns to a willing Cassie for comfort. Will their love survive?

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Dagan Herceg
K. G. Donovan  Eva Acharya  Adrian Tan
Timothy Scutt  Kirsty Freeman
Executive Producers
Artur Kade
Dir. of Photography
Adrian Tan


Arabella McPherson - Aaron Glenane - Bonnie Kellett - Shant Sarkissian

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Production Completion
Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Production Company
Participate Film Academy


International Sales
Participate Film Academy