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KITTY IS NOT A CAT is an animated comedy aimed at 6-10 year olds and follows the adventures of Kitty, a young girl who has decided it would be a lot more fun to live life as a cat than an actual person. Kitty’s housemates, who happen to be real cats, do their utmost to convince Kitty that while they don’t really understand human behavior Kitty needs to start behaving like one. They soon discover no amount of misguided advice on their part will sway this very determined little girl.

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This title is part of a series

Series listing
Kitty Is Not a Cat series 1 2018
Kitty Is Not a Cat series 2 2020
Kitty Is Not a Cat series 3 2020

Production Details

Production Completion
Production Company
Bogan Entertainment Solutions Pty. Ltd.


International Sales
Jetpack Distribution