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The Screen Guide

LAH LAH'S ADVENTURES is a studio based TV series that marries live action and animation to create a mix of wonderful stories and age appropriate music for preschoolers. Each episode’s story takes the live action band on an engaging adventure around Lah-Lah Land, a magical CGI world where anything is possible and music is everywhere. Within a narrative story telling framework music is a key element and each episode contains two music video clips with bright rhythmic music, simple and fun dance steps and melodies that preschoolers are able to sing along to, an interactive game to guess the secret sound of the day, and the opportunity to meet a new friend and their musical instrument.

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Tina Harris - Mark Harris - Matt Ottignon - Gary Daley - Nic Cecire

Production Details

Production Completion
Australia/Canada Co-Production
Production Company
Stella Projects Pty Ltd  Bardel Entertainment Inc


Australian Sales
Stella Projects Pty Ltd
International Sales
Bardel Distribution