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A breathtaking journey of discovery into and through the human body, under the ground, into the outback, into the air, into outer space. It is about 'the body' in all of the senses of that word - the body of woman, of man, a body of past work, the body of earth, celestial bodies. It reveals and questions the assumed dichotomies of mind and body, body and soul, past and future, inside and outside, life and death, earth and space. The images in the film are drawn from the filmmakers' earlier films, NASA footage and biological, medical and computer images, juxtaposed with an astonishing soundtrack by Cameron Allan. LANDSLIDES is moving and beautiful, blunt and grotesque, puzzling and sensual, amusing and ironic. It provokes laughter, shock, amazement, repulsion, wonder and delight. It can be taken at face value, or interpreted on any number of levels.

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