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Throughout the years as an immigrant living in Australia, I have reflected often on this new country. In the year 2001 I felt the country was heading in a very negative direction. In 2002 around October I read an article in the newspaper written by a young doctor on her story with an asylum seeker, a 16-year-old boy from Afghanistan. I was very moved by the story and felt that I had to do something. There was also an urgency to the subject and that was why in the middle of 2003 I simply put down what I was doing, went ahead and shot this essay film with a DV camera and funded it myself.

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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Clara Law
Clara Law  Eddie Fong
Clara Law  Eddie Fong
Paul Grabowsky
Trish Kerbi - Rob Silberstein - Emma - Rian - Hannah and Eric Silberstein - Helen Carmichael - Malcolme Fraser - Ian Macphee
Production Completion
History and national identity
Production Company
Lunar Films Pty Ltd
International Sales
Element X

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