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When Atticus’ mother gets a job in Singapore, he discovers that the Halloween concert day will be his last day of school. The make-believe terror of Halloween is replaced by Atticus being genuinely petrified of leaving and starting a new life. The Little Lunch Halloween Special cracks open the heart of the spooky celebration to explore, beyond a scary costume, what it is that children really fear. The countdown to Christmas and summer holidays is exciting every year but no more so than now, when the Mrs Gonsha’s class is graduating from grade 6. The children are engulfed in the thrill of end-of-year activity, until they uncover the explosive news that Rory is unable to graduate. The Little Lunch Christmas Special encapsulates the contemporary meaning of Christmas - the overriding need to have love and generosity. The half hour format of The Little Lunch Specials enables a funny, warm and real investigation into the emotions which govern children: fear, anxiety, friendship, loyalty, trust and abandonment, in two deeply significant events.

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Little Lunch series 1 2015
Little Lunch series 2 2015
Flynn Curry - Joshua Sitch - Oisin O’Leary - Madison Lu - Faith Seci - Olivia Deeble - Heidi Arena
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Gristmill Pty Ltd

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