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The Screen Guide

It's 1990 and an Indonesian fishing boat abandons Iraqi and Cambodian refugees in a remote part of Western Australia. While most are quickly caught by officials, three men with nothing in common but their misfortune and determination escape arrest and begin an epic journey into the heart of Australia. Pursued by an army reservist unit, our three heroes wander deeper into the desert, desperately searching for a Western-style democracy amongst the stones of the Pilbara. A film about distance, difference and dud maps.

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Cast & Crew & Production Details

Michael James Rowland
Helen Barnes  Michael James Rowland
Lesley Dyer  Jo Dyer
Executive Producers
Michael Bourchier
Dir. of Photography:
Geoff Burton ACS
Trilok Gurtu
Henry Dangar
Production Designer:
Pete Baxter
Kenneth Moraleda - Srisacd Sacdpraseuth - Rodney Afif
Production Company
Short of Easy Pty Ltd
Australian Sales
Dendy Films Pty Ltd
International Sales
Cineclick Asia

Selected Awards & Festivals