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When it comes to public recognition, sculptors are often the poor cousins of painters, so it's not surprising that the person critics regard as one of Australia's most famous sculptors, Robert Klippel, is hardly a household name. Now a man in his seventies, Klippel was one of the first Australian sculptors to use 'junk' and so-called 'found objects' in his work. He started doing this 40 years ago, and was a pioneer in the field of abstract or 'non figurative' art. A believer in the idea that art 'doesn't have to say something', Klippel's work is difficult to discuss, but it's strength, as well as it's grace, make it far from empty or academic. Klippel's construction, be they sculptures, drawing or collages, seek to animate the inanimate and to explore his deep fascination with the relationship between nature and machines. In so doing, he has always opposed regurgitating traditional styles.

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Don Featherstone
Steve Warne
Don Featherstone
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Barbara Mariotti

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Art and culture
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Featherstone Productions Pty Ltd


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RM Associates