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What are the secrets to a happy family? What makes some families pull together in a crisis while others seem to fall apart? In the past few decades, science has revealed surprising truths about the qualities happy families share. But how will the research stack up when it's put to the test in the lives of ordinary Australian families? This third series, as a follow up to the popular ABC1 series, 'Making Australia Happy' and 'Making Couples Happy', takes three unhappy families on the brink and attempts to transform their relationships using the latest science. With research consistently linking family difficulties with a range of problems - from anxiety and depression to substance abuse and social breakdown - making families happy is more urgent than ever.

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Martin Taylor
Paul Hawker
Executive Producers
Jennifer Cummins
Dir. of Photography:
Simeon Bryan  Aaron Smith  Robert C. Morton  Naomi Elkin-Jones
Orly Danon


No cast details

Production Details

Production Company
Heiress Films Pty Ltd  Making Families Happy Pty Ltd

Sales & Releases

Australian Sales
ABC Commercial
International Sales
All 3 Media Pty Ltd
TV release
2015/10/27 (Australia)
Video release
2016/02/03 (Australia)

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