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Arthur Gbeme has moved back into his Western Sydney childhood home. As he tells it, he has “put his life on hold” to care for his mum, Maggie, but the truth is, there isn’t much to put on hold. A former nurse, Maggie used to be a firebrand – a renegade. But since the death of her husband, Maggie has been… a little off. A bold re-imagining of the Australian classic, ‘Mother & Son’ is a show about ageing, migrant upbringing, changing family roles, and caring for someone you love even when they’re driving you up the wall. It’s an unapologetically hilarious comedy about a “helpless old woman” who runs rings around her adult son.

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This title is part of a series

Series listing
Mother & Son series 1


Neil Sharma  Kriv Stenders
Matt Okine  Sarah Walker  Tristram Baumber
Jude Troy
Executive Producers
Matt Okine  Todd Abbott  Louise Smith  Richard Finlayson  Geoffrey Atherden AM
Dir. of Photography
Drew English
Jordie Lane  Clare Reynolds
Gabriel Dowrick
Production Designer
Claire Granville


Denise Scott - Matt Okine - Angela Nica Sullen - Catherine Van-Davies - Andrea Demetriades - Virginia Gay - Ferdinand Hoang - Jean Kittson - Justin Amankwah - Jenna Owens - Maria Thattil - Krew Boylan - Veronica Milsom

Production Details

Production Completion
Production Company
Wooden Horse Pty Ltd


International Sales
ABC Commercial

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  • Production support