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MURUNDAK : SONGS OF FREEDOM journeys into the heart of Aboriginal resistance music, featuring songs of protest performed by a gathering of Australia’s legendary Indigenous musicians. From the Opera House to the Kimberleys, murundak (meaning alive in Woiwurrung language) charts one of the most significant music events in Australian Indigenous history as the Black Arm Band draws on the power of protest song to call for freedom in a country trying to reconcile its troubled past.

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Cast & Crew & Production Details

Rhys Graham  Natasha Gadd
Rhys Graham  Natasha Gadd
Sonia Bednar  Philippa Campey  Natasha Gadd
Executive Producers
Michael McMahon
Dir. of Photography:
Rhys Graham  Natasha Gadd
The Black Arm Band
Art and culture, History and national identity
Production Company
Film Camp Pty Ltd  Daybreak Films Pty Ltd
Australian Sales
Daybreak Films Pty Ltd
International Sales
Daybreak Films Pty Ltd

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