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The choice to take a life, under any circumstance and whether your own or someone else’s, is not one made lightly. Mutt explores the aftermath enforced on those left behind by decisions so final and, with or without closure, how they choose to find meaning in there own lives after the fact. When the one thing that gave you life is gone – can you find something to give yourself purpose and what would you do to hold onto it? Through Zak we see someone who has very little and lost so much – she’s desperately trying to find meaning by giving new life to her foster puppies but taking the lives of desperate people in need who are trying to die gracefully. She, like our audience, are torn – is what she’s doing right and even so – what state will she be in when left carrying the burden?

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Sara West
Sara West
Jordan Cowan  Jodie Kirkbride
Dir. of Photography
Maxx Corkindale


Jordan Cowan - Oscar Redding - Joshua Campton - Anna Steen - Elena Carapetis

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