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OFFSPRING is the story of obstetrician, Nina Proudman, her boisterous family and her chaotic romances. Dr Chris Havel would be a perfect partner if only his wife hadn't gone missing a year ago. Her screw up sister Billie is striving for a proper life with or without her musician lover Mick. Her little brother, Jimmy, is a charming but compulsive liar. Her obstetric nurse friend Cherie has complicated all their lives by having had a baby with Nina's real estate agent dad, Darcy, and everyone becomes embroiled as they learn to platonically co-parent.


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Cast & Crew & Production Details

Asher Keddie - Don Hany - Kat Stewart - Deborah Mailman - Eddie Perfect - Richard Davies - John Waters - Linda Cropper
Production Company
Southern Star Entertainment Pty Ltd
Australian Sales
Endemol Worldwide Distribution
International Sales
Endemol Worldwide Distribution

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