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The Screen Guide

OH YUCK! is fast-paced, fact-laden narrative comedy series for 11-13 year old kids that mixes live action with animation to explore the science between all things ooey, gooey, slimy and mucky. Each episode will tackle a particular gross subject - pimples, fungus, stinky animals and more - and spin a wile and totally zany story that'll have kids holding onto their seats while also exploring the science behind these things. Kids want to know what makes you breath smell bad, why maggots chow down on rotten meat or why you get scabs, Oh Yuck! will delve into these fetid facts through a combinations of hilarious live-action stories and even more hilarious breakout animations.

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Kayne Tremills - Nia Roam - David Collins - Shane Dundas - Allison Beula - Jamie Oxenbould - Michael Gellman - Kanja Chen - Lucy Goleby

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Production Completion
Australia/Canada Co-Production
Production Company
Flying Bark Productions Pty Ltd