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The Screen Guide

SENSATION is a character-driven thriller/drama that leads us down a rabbit-hole into the complex matrix of three women’s lives. HAT, who is naturally domestic and also the breadwinner, seems as if she has it all... but underneath struggles to feel appreciated in either sphere. TESS recently ditched the bright lights of London for what appears to be a wholly regressive step back into the life she’d long ago jettisoned. And finally, SIMONE who has had five failed careers and eight abandoned novels. Her most recent, finally, sold to a local Australian publisher. The content of this novel, and its imminent success, sets off cataclysmic events in the lives of these three women, and the town that they grew up in...

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Jodie Whittaker - Nicole da Silva - Yael Stone - George Mason - Erroll Shand - Noni Hazlehurst - Tina Bursill - Damien Strouthos - Jillian Nguyen

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Production Completion
Drama, Thriller
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Sensation Production Pty Ltd


International Sales
Fifth Season

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