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The Screen Guide

SCARLETT tells a story of Eric and Kat—newlyweds and soon to be parents—who become custodians of an old house. It soon becomes apparent that the house carries some dark history, as strange happenings begin to terrify Kat. Terrifying, human-like beings begin to harass pregnant Kat, but Eric is reluctant to believe his wife, and tries to find logical explanations for these paranormal occurrences. As time goes by, the encounters become more violent and more difficult to explain. Eric and Kat’s relationship soon becomes strained as Eric suspects Kat of being mentally ill. Eric urges Kat to seek psychiatric help, however she refuses, which puts more strain on their relationship. Kat seeks the help of a Catholic Priest, to perform a exorcism, however she is refused her request being told it is against Church protocol. In the final act of total desperation they enlist Linda—a street-smart, renegade demonologist—to help them investigate the supernatural encounters. With Linda’s help, the couple discover a terrible secret associated with the history of the house and its strange inhabitants, which would put the one thing they care about the most, their child - at grave risk. Will they uncover the truth about the ‘Shadow People’ in time to save their family from the terrifying nightmare that has been unleashed?

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Kendal Rae - Blake Northfield

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Bronte Pictures Pty. Ltd.


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Australian Film Pty Ltd