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Catching ‘clean skin' cattle in Australia’s outback is high-risk, and high-reward. Every dry-season, men and women risk life, limb, and millions of dollars trying to catch feral bulls and buffalo. This is a story of the Outback - one of the most desolate and dangerous places on earth - and the ringers who survive here through wit, cunning, and self-belief. Who are they? What drives them? And why do they love this place so dearly? Gun Ringer takes us into a land that time forgot, but one which is also starting to change rapidly.

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This title is part of a series
Outback Ringer

Series listing
Gun Ringer 2017
Outback Ringer series 1 2017
Outback Ringer series 2 2022
Maria Handas
Ben Davies
Liam Taylor  Tom Lawrence
Executive Producers
Ben Davies
No cast details
Production Completion
Production Company
Ronde Pty Ltd  Gunringer Pty Ltd
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