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The program is a follow up to the 2009 series, ON THE EDGE that screened on NITV & ABC3 in 2010 and followed 12 Indigenous teenagers on a voyage of personal discovery. One young person has discovered what it's like to be behind bars at a young age. Others are now employed, others struggle with employment while some are now parents - did they follow their dreams and aspirations? The film will take us into their lives in an observational style before drawing the participants together again for a camp at Broken Bay in NSW where they will meet mentors and discuss what they have learned on their journey into young adulthood, five years on.

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Cast & Crew & Production Details

Ben Rose
Ben Rose  Fran Dobbie
Fran Dobbie
Executive Producers
Carolyn Johnson
Dir. of Photography
Vanna Seang
Fran Dobbie (Mentor) - Yulara Frail - Alan Dixon - Corey Shipley - Tai Lovett - Muriel Pittman - Lillian Whitton - Kayla Scott - Norma Jean Beale
Production Completion
Production Company
Earthstar Productions Pty Ltd

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