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The Screen Guide

PERSEPHONE... living on the edge of reality and fantasy, 'The Girl' in the roles of Persephone and Alice in Wonderland, pieces together the memory of a party rape... by facing her past she is released from her ordeal. 'The Girl' is touched by her inner world. She is moved in madness on the journey from darkness to light. This inner world is peopled by archetypes... the ancient Persephone and the modern Alice. The underworld to which Persephone is stolen, is the undergound where Alice has her adventures. To Carl Jung this place of secrets is a place of truths.... the universal unconcious. Her story is told in fragments of recollection.

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Julia Kennedy  Joseph Uchitel
Susie Lindeman
Susan Lumsdon
Dir. of Photography
Geoffrey Brown
Angela Hunt


Susie Lindeman

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Production Completion
Art and culture, Thriller
Production Company
Northern Lights Productions  Persophia Productions


Australian Sales
Northern Lights Productions
International Sales
Northern Lights Productions