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It cost Australia 42 million dollars and tarnished the extraordinary legacy of one of the country’s greatest billionaire tycoons. The tale of our failed World Cup bid is one of hubris writ. large across an international stage for Westfield founder, Frank Lowy. Now for the first time, against the current corruption inquiry into FIFA, Lowy and other key players take us inside the journey and reveal the truth. Where and how did it all go so wrong? This is the incredible story of how one man's dream of hosting the biggest sporting event in the world collided with the brutal reality of a game where money, power and corruption have long been a law unto themselves. It’s a story revealed through never-before-seen archive footage that takes the audience inside the action, as crucial scenes are played out, and our central characters play their part in a House of Cards drama that could only ever be understood in hindsight.

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Laurie Critchley
Paul Hawker
Miriam Stein
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Laurie Critchley
Leigh Sales - Presented by
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Southern Pictures Pty Ltd
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