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Valerie Taylor is a shark fanatic and an Australian icon. A marine maverick who forged her way as a fearless diver, cinematographer and conservationist. She filmed the real sharks for Jaws and famously wore a chain mail suit, using herself as shark bait, in experiments that changed scientific understanding of sharks forever. What Jane Goodall is to chimps, or Steve Irwin to crocs, Valerie is to sharks. Her love affair with the ocean spanned half a century... and whole lot of danger. This powerful and visually sumptuous 90 minute feature documentary will draw on 5 decades of re-mastered film footage, feature a stranger than fiction script, a magnetic heroine, and world-famous faces. And, of course, sharks.

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Sally Aitken
Bettina Dalton
Executive Producers
Alan Erson
No cast details
Production Completion
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Wildbear Entertainment Pty Ltd  Wildbear Lighthouse Pty Ltd
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