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Inspired by the stand-up comedy and real life experiences of its writer/creator Josh Thomas, PLEASE LIKE ME explores the world of a young man who’s in no hurry to grow up. But as he navigates a bipolar mother, a mid-life crisis father, a newish baby sister, an anxiety-ridden boyfriend, a peripatetic ex-girlfriend and an unmotivated best friend, he may just be the sanest person he knows. In season three, new characters arrive, complications ensue, and a cast of extraordinary performers compete for screen time with John the cavoodle. Here we go again.

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Cast & Crew & Production Details

Josh Thomas - Debra Lawrance - David Roberts - Thomas Ward - Renee Lim - Keegan Joyce - Hannah Gadsby - Emily Barclay
Production Completion Date
Production Company
Pigeon Fancier Productions  John & Josh International

Selected Awards & Festivals

  • AWGIE Awards