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The Quinns are the founding family of one of the fastest growing churches in the world, U Star, based in Sydney, Australia. Espousing the belief that financial blessing is the will of God, it’s a church for the Instagram age with slick hipster marketing promoting a covetable lifestyle while endorsing a ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ approach to controversial issues. U Star is politically connected and it's raking in over $100 million per year, tax free. With its chart-topping music and 24/7 TV channel, it’s an international media company that specialises in selling God. But behind closed doors, the Quinns are a dysfunctional, Machiavellian family - protecting secrets while preaching a message of faith, love and togetherness to their congregations.

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Richard Roxburgh - Rebecca Gibney - Ewen Leslie - Ming-Zhu Hii - Jacob Collins-Levy - Hayley McCarthy - Jordi Webber - Alexander D’Souza - Jacek Koman - Andrea Solonge - Brigid Zengeni - Alex FitzAlan - Alexander D'Souza

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