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The Screen Guide

Jules, Sami and Bo have just attended the painfully drab funeral of their best friend Wil. Wanting to honour him in the way he truly deserves, they take his urn for one final night out to all his favourite haunts before his parents scatter him the next day. There's just one problem: they wake up the morning after without Wil’s ashes. Through flashback we learn about their friendship and the unique relationship each had with Wil as they revisit the stops on the previous night's farewell tour. From late night kebabs to spectacular drag king shows, we follow their exploits as they race against the clock to find what’s left of their friend.

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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Logan Mucha
Logan Mucha  Kate Darrigan  Adolfo Aranjuez
Michelle Melky  Hayley Adams
Dir. of Photography
Daniel Von Czarnecki
Production Designer
Bianca Milani
Zenya Carmellotti - Kurt Pimblett - Campbell Connelly
Production Completion
Comedy, Drama
Production Company
Passionfruit Bites Pty Ltd
Sales information not available

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Screen News

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04 Jun 2021
By Caris Bizzaca
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