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Four veterans fought in Vietnam at different times, yet each one's life has been equally shattered by the experience. One returned to Vietnam as a tourist and found it such a healing experience he invited the others to join him on one more return journey. As they travel back together, the film flashes back to their individual war stories, illustrated by unique home movie footage of the war. We experience their fear, grief and joy as these men confront, once again, the place that's had such a disturbing impact on their lives. The climax is a meeting with veterans from the other side: ex-Viet Cong guerillas who are suffering, just like the Australian vets, from post traumatic stress. This film reveals some startling insights into the nature of war, and helps us come to terms with a tumultuous period in our history.

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Stephen Ramsey
Stephen Ramsey
Jane Ramsey
Executive Producers
Dasha Ross
Dir. of Photography
Tony Gailey


Brian Finch - Wayne Young - Ned Falconer - Sam Hilt

Production Details

Production Completion
History and national identity, Social contemporary
Production Company
Ramsey Films Pty Ltd