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'Walter': Walter is unfulfilled. He is unemployed and his wife has left him. His search for some purpose and meaning takes him to a male bonding weekend. 'Gettin' On': Nick Hailstone is at a time of crisis. He has reached a point where he can no longer ignore his heroin addiction and what it is doing to his life. But before Nick can get clean, he's got to get a little dirtier. 'Abide in Me': Pat, an old man living on his own, is found by a concerned neighbour, unconscious on his front lawn. Pat's son, Jamie arrives to take control of his father's life. 'My Second Car': The story of a father and a son both of whom have experienced bad father and son relationships and find they can fulfil each other's needs, even though they are not related. 'Call Me Sal': A woman's discovery of her own life. 'It Never Rains': A story of urban isolation. 'Mrs Craddock's Complaint': Early one morning, Mrs Craddock creeps into the toilet block she has been curiously watching over a number of days. She reads graffiti on the toilet wall. It suddenly becomes very clear to her why this block has so many visitors and Mrs Craddock makes a complaint. 'Pepper': A story of a feisty five-year-old girl and a young mother who loses what she's after only to find more in what she already has.

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Short Wave

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Short Wave series 2 1996

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Australian Broadcasting Corporation


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