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It was supposed to be so simple. You do a job, you make the meet, you get paid. As an experienced flipper, Jimmy "Skinny" Skinford knows the protocol all too well. Having said that, being kidnapped and forced to dig your own grave will spanner the nicest of deals in the sharpest of ways. But his fortune turns when a push of his dead mans shovel unearths the opportunity of a life time; a woman, buried but still breathing, who just can't seem to die. Her mysterious gift extends to others through touch and in her company Skinny launches head first into a scheme of unparalleled mayhem.

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This title is part of a series

Series listing
Skinford Chapter Two 2018
Nik Kacevski
Nik Kacevski
George Kacevski  Tess Meyer  Enzo Tedeschi
Executive Producers
Antoine Disle  Jason Moody  Keith Sweitzer  Enzo Tedeschi
Dir. of Photography
Kieran Fowler
Michael Lira
Kent Hau
Josh Brennan - Charlotte Best - Coco Gilles - Goran Kleut - Ric Herbert
Production Completion
Crime, Horror, Thriller
Production Company
Deadrock Films Pty Ltd
Australian Sales
Deadrock Films Pty Ltd
International Sales

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