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It’s 2162 and following the Novas incredible meeting with the Stardustians, everything we thought we knew about the universe has changed. Even the Novas’ home base, Luna Port has become a major space station, home to entire new fields of science and learning. Still, despite all their incredible adventures, the Novas’ greatest quest is ahead of them; they’ve just been invited to visit the Stardustian homeworld! Then disaster strikes. While following a Stardustian ship convoy with their new friend, Ziggy, the Novas’ ship is destroyed, throwing our heroes off-course and stranding Ziggy in parts unknown. Worse, it seems the powerful stardust explosion created during the event caused an imbalance in the universe with far-reaching consequences beyond our galaxy. Now the Novas new mission is clear: work to find their friend Ziggy and help him restore balance to the universe again, whatever it takes!

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This title is part of a series
Space Nova

Series listing
Space Nova series 1 2021
Space Nova series 2 2021


Adelaide Tustian - Bailey Craig - Michelle Doake - Stephen James King - Darren Sabadina - Christian Charisiou - Ash Ricardo - Jason Chong - Sherry-Lee Watson - Anexsandra Alexander - Angela Tran - Lola Kate - Imi Mbedla

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Action adventure, Family, Sci-Fi
Production Company
SLR Productions Pty. Ltd.


Australian Sales
Australian Children's Television Foundation
International Sales
ZDF Studios GmbH

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