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The Screen Guide

STING follows the story of Charlotte, a rebellious 12-year-old girl obsessed with comic books who discovers a strange little spider after it falls from the sky encased in an egg. Despite her stepfather’s best efforts to connect with her and with a new sibling in the picture, Charlotte feels isolated and bonds with spider. She keeps it as a pet and names it Sting. But as the spider begins to grow in size, its appetite for blood becomes insatiable as neighbours’ pets start to go missing. When her family and members of the building she lives in become trapped and hunted by the hungry spider, Charlotte is the only one who knows how to stop it.

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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Alyla Browne - Ryan Corr - Penelope Mitchell - Robyn Nevin - Noni Hazlehurst - Jermaine Fowler
Production Completion
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See Pictures Pty Limited
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