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Based on the chart-topping ABC podcast, Stuff The British Stole is a 6x30 documentary series that unfolds the history of the British Empire as a mystery. In each episode, Walkley-winning journalist Marc Fennell (Mastermind, The Feed, The Project) picks a stolen object and guides you on a global adventure through the wild, entertaining, and visually stunning story of how it got to where it sits today - and who wants it back. Marc will uncover global stories of heists gone wrong, wars, intrigue, heroism and survival. Ultimately this isn’t a series about the past, it’s about making sense of the world today. And even if you think you know this story, this series proves history is anything but clear cut.

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Stuff the British Stole

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Stuff the British Stole series 1 series
Stuff the British Stole series 2 2024
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Art and culture, History and national identity
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Wooden Horse Pty Ltd
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