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Superwog and Johnny are not your average teenagers. They are codependent best friends, struggling to make the leap from adolescence to young adulthood. The boys spend their time watching porn, fighting with their parents, and obsessively chasing chicks with little to no success. Their distorted views of the world, risky judgements and dubious decision-making skills often lead them to trouble, with mayhem inevitably following as the pair strive to fit in and gain social status in a predominately ‘Aussie’ society. Off the back of their smash hit #1 trending first season, they will dive further into Superwog’s volatile family unit, exploring themes like father and son rivalry, the pursuit of love, friendship and loyalty, family relationships, and cultural comparisons.

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Series listing
Superwog series 1 2018
Superwog series 2 2018
Theo Saidden - Nathan Saiddan
Production Completion
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Princess Pictures Holdings Pty Ltd  Bobcat Entertainment Pty Ltd
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