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The dingo is surrounded by controversy and mystery. To some people it is a vicious outlaw, deserving of a bounty on its had. To others it a creature that symbolises wilderness. WILD DOG DINGO takes a factual look at this remarkable animal and its natural behaviours. Three years in the making, it is the most comprehensive film ever produced on the dingo. It examines the origins of the dingo and refutes the popular belief that it was brought here by the Australian Aborigines. It also shows the importance of the dingo in Aboriginal culture. The film examines the relationship of the dingo to the domestic dog. Rare footage captures the intimate social life of the dingo. There are remarkable scenes of dingoes hunting kangaroos, goannas and sheep. If there is any threat to the remarkable hardy dingo, it is not bullets, traps, poison or fences, but the cross-breeding with domestic dogs. The film examines this possibility.

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Gary Steer
Roland Breckwoldt  Gary Steer
Gary Steer
Executive Producers
Gary Steer
Dir. of Photography:
Gary Steer


Narration; Jim Downes

Production Details

Natural history and environment
Production Company
Sky Visuals Pty Ltd


International Sales
Absolutely Wild Visuals

Selected Awards & Festivals

  • International Environment Film Festival (RIENA)
  • Hunting/Conservation Inte Film Fest