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The Screen Guide

The screen looks back at the viewer in a festive catalogue of histrionic gestures. TECHNO/DUMB/SHOW is a collaboration between video maker and musician, John Gillies, and performance group, The Sydney Front. Ultimately the work is about excess, about a gesturing that goes far beyond that necessary for any 'resonable' discourse. It is an excess of utter waste, but expending only the performers' bodies.

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John Gillies
John Gillies
The Sydney Front: Andrea Aloise - John Baylis - Clare Grant - Nigel Kellaway - Christopher Ryan - Elise Ahamnos
Production Completion
Production Company
The Sydney Front Inc
Australian Sales
The Sydney Front Inc
International Sales
The Sydney Front Inc

Selected Awards & Festivals

  • New York International Video and New Media Festival
  • An Eccentric Orbit - Video Art in Australia
  • Television and Video Festival
  • New Visions International Festival of Film & Video
  • Montbeliard Int Video & TV Fest
  • Manifestation Int de Video & TV de Montbeliard
  • Videobrasil International Electronic Art Festival
  • Sound Basis Visual Art Festival
  • Australian International Video Festival