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Charles Darwin started a revolution when he published his evolutionary theory in the late 1800s. He challenged the belief that God created the world in seven days, and the theories of people such as Jean Baptiste de Lamarck, who believed that characteristics acquired during a lifetime could be passed on to the next generation. Since then, Darwinian theory has become the accepted scientific doctrine but now an Australian scientist, Ted Steele, is stirring things up again. Is he pursuing a false dream or is he about to change what we know about life on earth? Reputations, careers and our understanding of evolution are all on the line.

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Lou Petho
Geoffrey Burchfield  Lou Petho
David Noakes  Lou Petho
Executive Producers
Franco di Chiera  Penny Robins


Narrator: Michael Caton

Production Details

Production Completion
History and national identity, Science
Production Company
Film Australia Limited

Selected Awards & Festivals

  • Mumbai International Film Festival for Documentary, Short & Animation Films
  • Banff World Television Festival