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The camel, with its legendary endurance and strength, helped pioneer Australians build a new nation, carrying supplies across the dry reaches of the outback. The advent of the truck meant that their time was over, and those that were not shot were turned loose in the bush, where they adapted easily, doing very little ecological damage. In the dry, desolate west of South Australia, old-time camel man Claude Gurney has been catching and taming wild camels. A Big Country joins Claude and two companions on a camel hunt through the tangled scrub of a forgotten corner of Australia.

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Martyn Goddard  Stuart Goodman
Martyn Goddard  Stuart Goodman
Executive Producers
Paul Williams


Presenter: Stewart McLennan - Narrator: Martyn Goddard

Production Details

Production Completion
Natural history and environment
Production Company
Australian Broadcasting Corporation


International Sales
ABC Content Sales