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Xmas Eve, 2014, in the shadow of the Great Pryamids of Egypt and Australian journalist, Peter Greste, is reporting from this most dangerous city on earth where bloody daily clashes between student revolutionaries and the government take place. No-one is safe. What Peter Greste doesn't know on that first night as he files his news across the globe is that he is the target and within a few hours he would be arrested, strip searched, despatched to a dungeon and accused of multiple crimes of terrorism, each one of which carried the death penalty. Welcome to Cairo.

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Kriv Stenders
Peter Duncan
Carmel Travers
Production Designer
Fiona Donovan


Richard Roxburgh - Julian Maroun - Rahel Romahn - Yael Stone - Nic Cassim - Mojean Aria - Fayssal Bazzi - Majid Shoker - Josh McConville - Hazem Shammas

Production Details

Production Completion
Production Company
POP Family Entertainment Pty Ltd


Australian Sales
Maslow Umbrella 387 Entertainment Pty Ltd
International Sales
Moviehouse Entertainment

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