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The Screen Guide

THE DEEP follows the adventures of the Nekton family - a brilliant team of underwater explorers. With state-of-the -art technology and an unquenchable thirst for discovery, they explore the mysterious depths of the ocean. While others look up to the starts, this family knows that an infinite number of things shine brightly in the darkness below. The deep is a place where leviathans swim through sunken cities, where pirates lurk amidst floating black markets and where a mysterious group of Guardians hide long lost secrets.

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This title is part of a series
The Deep

Series listing
The Deep series 1 series
The Deep series 2 2017
The Deep series 3 2019
The Deep series 4 2022
Vincent Tong - Ashleigh Ball - Kathleen Barr - Michael Dobson
Production Completion
Australia/Canada Co-Production
Production Company
The Deep Australia Productions Pty Ltd  A Stark Production Pty Ltd
Australian Sales
A Stark Production Pty Ltd