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The Screen Guide

A young Chinese girl and a Western boy are visiting their archaeologist parents in China. The girl hears mysterious flute sounds that lead her to an eccentric temple keeper. The two young people uncover a hidden dragon who has been without its pearl of power for centuries. Has the pearl been found? Is now the time to reunite the pearl with the dragon so it can go home? Nobody believes them. Or so it seems until one of their parent's co-workers offers to help...

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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Mario Andreacchio
John Armstrong  Philip Dalkin
Writer of original material
Ron Saunders
Zhijiang Liu  Mario Andreacchio
Executive Producers
Geoffrey Rischbieth  John Hood  Graeme Hodge  Charles Fries  Jeffrey Sneller  Xu Yong An  Gao Hai Hao
Dir. of Photography
Geoffrey Simpson ACS
Suresh Ayyar
Production Designer
Walter Wong Ka Lung
Sam Neill - Wang Ji - Li Lin Jin - Louis Corbett - Jordan Chan
Production Completion
Action adventure, Family, Mystery
Australia/China Co-Production
Production Company
AMPCO Films  Zhejiang Hengdian Film Production Co., Ltd.
Australian Sales
Australian Film Syndicate
International Sales
Fries Film Group

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