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As our third longest-serving prime minister, Andrew Dugdale was a man who mattered. He dined with presidents and kings, co-hosted world summits and changed the lives of millions of his fellow Australians. But since his publicly-mandated retirement, this not-so-elder statesman has far too much time on his hands and no one to waste it on. What’s a former Man of the People’ to do? This narrative comedy series fixes its beady eye on the world of grounded high-flyers and benched heavy-hitters. How do they make sure their elephant stamp on history remains indelible? What do they do when someone goes through their cupboards and finds all those skeletons? And does anybody want anything from the shops?

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This title is part of a series
The Ex-PM

Series listing
The Ex-PM series 1 series
The Ex-PM series 2 2017


Sian Davies
Shaun Micallef
Nick Murray
Executive Producers
Nick Murray  Shaun Micallef
Dir. of Photography
Dan Maxwell


Shaun Micallef - Nikki Wendt - Kate Jenkinson - Lucy Honigman - Nicholas Bell - Francis Greenslade - Jackson Tozer - Ming-Zhu Hii - John Clarke

Production Details

Production Completion
Production Company
Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder


Australian Sales
ABC Commercial
International Sales
ABC Commercial