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The Screen Guide

THE GLOAMING is complex drama entwining three narrative strands. Firstly, it is a character-driven story about two past lovers that must overcome a tragedy and betrayal to work together. The crime story provides the spine of the series; a murder that leads our detectives to the past and a crime within a crime with sinister consequences. Then, sitting alongside these lines is a social commentary touching on a housing crisis and social marginalisation, issues affecting not just Tasmania but societies all around the world. These threads of character, crime and society combine to make for a rich, compelling, and haunting story with contemporary and universal relevance.

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Emma Booth - Ewen Leslie - Aaron Pedersen - Rena Owen - Matt Testro - Josephine Blazier - Martin Henderson - Nicole Chamoun

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Production Completion
Crime, Drama, Mystery
Production Company
Sweet Potato Films Pty Ltd  The Two Jons Pty Ltd

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