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The Screen Guide

The universe is full of weird and wonderful things – but Rommy’s life isn’t one of them. His writing career has failed to launch, his relationship with his girlfriend Mary is dying around him, and a life of cynicism and disappointment has led to alcohol dependency – not to mention the strange cop keeping tabs on him. When Rommy (Dean Kirkright) begins to suspect that Mary (Lauren Gregory) is having an affair, something snaps. That’s when a mysterious houseguest, calling herself “The Green Woman” (Christine Husband) begins to appear. Fascinating, beautiful, and fun: she is everything Rommy is missing in life, and all she asks in return for her attention is for Rommy to do exactly as she asks. The tasks start small, and Rommy is ensnared by his new enigmatic friend, but as his bond with the Green Woman deepens, and as the distance between he and Mary grows, her requests get stranger and stranger… What is she up to? Where did she come from? Why has she chosen Rommy? Who is The Green Woman?

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Kestra Nebula
Kestra Nebula
Kestra Nebula  Dia Taylor
Dir. of Photography
Mark Kenfield
Christopher McLeod
Dave Milkins


Dean Kirkright - Christine Husband - Lauren Gregory - Scott Knight

Production Details

Production Completion
Drama, Sci-Fi
Production Company
Taymaynari Productions  Sehnsucht Films