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The Screen Guide

Wheely, Brent and Shay are an inseparable trio of teenagers, hell bent on having a good time and pushing the limits of whatʼs possible. When speed demon and record holder Josh “Wheely” Wilson learns that there might be someone in town faster than him, he sets about finding an elusive legend by the name of Burnout Barry - to challenge him to a race. But when his obsession with being the record holder becomes more important than his friends, Wheely risks losing more than just the title.

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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This title is part of a series

Series listing
Rocky & Me 2019
And Then Something Changed 2019
The Legend of Burnout Barry 2019
Isaac Elliott
Nicolette Minster
Nicholas Colla  Chris Hocking  Tom Davies
Executive Producers
Jan Stradling
Dir. of Photography
Liam Gilmour
Production Designer
Nathan Wentworth
Oli Pizzey-Stratford - Jade Knight - Basil Firea - Keith Robinson - Ferdinand Hoang - Deone Zanotto - Irene Lee - Nicholas Colla - Nicolette Minster - Bailey Jankovich - Billy Ung
Production Completion
Action adventure, Comedy
Production Company
LateNite Films Pty Ltd