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The Screen Guide

Shanghai China 1935, with resistance against Japan, Shanghai is flourishing with powerful gangsters, business leaders and corrupt Government officials who are all entangled with each other’s quest for power and ultimate control of the French Concession in Shanghai. A journey of betrayal takes our characters to unimaginable measures to eliminate one another in their quest for control, resulting in a finale that even the ringleaders of this carnage wouldn’t have expected.

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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Xu Shunli
Qui Xinyu  Xu Shunli
Paul Currie  Homber Yin  Alicia Yao Bing  Naomi Cleaver
Dir. of Photography
Zhao Xiaoshi
Burkhard Dallwitz  Brett Aplin
Huali Qi
Production Designer
Xun Meng  Ottelo Stolfo
Christopher Downs - Fabien Yvon - Konstantin Koniukhov - Ted Duran - Byron Gibson - Julian Gaertner - Pierre Bourdaud - James Lee Guy - Maksim Manylov - Kaelin Williams
Production Completion
Crime, Drama
Australia/China Co-Production
Production Company
HUAXIA Film Disitribution Co. Ltd  Saints Entertainment Corporation  Dog Fight Productions Pty Ltd  Lightstream Pictures Pty Ltd
Australian Sales
Lightstream Pictures Pty Ltd