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The Screen Guide

The world is melting but fear not: satirical sketch show THE MOTH EFFECT is here to repeatedly flap and bump into humanity until all our problems go away. Created by Nick Boshier and Jazz Twemlow, this satirical bonanza features some of Australia's best and funniest performers as they punch up and punch themselves, tackling everything from climate change and reality TV to the military industrial complex and time travel paradoxes. There's no target too weird, complicated, silly, or dumb in season one of The Moth Effect, as Australia's best and funniest performers send up humanity in 2021.


Cast & Crew & Production Details

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Craig Anderson  Gracie Otto  Shari Sebbens
Nicholas Boshier  Jazz Twemlow
Lauren Elliott  Jordana Johnson
Executive Producers
Sophia Zachariou
Dir. of Photography
Tyson Perkins  Anthony Jennings
Henry Inglis
Production Designer
Lee Launay
Nick Boshier - Jazz Twemlow - Bryan Brown - Miranda Otto - David Wenham - Ben Lawson - Vincent D'Onofrio - Jonny Brugh - Peter O’Brien - Kate Box - Sam Cotton - Christiaan van Vuuren - Sarah Bishop - Nazeem Hussain - David Woodhead - Zoë Coombs Marr - Zoe Terakes - Jake Ryan - Ell Foreman - Lucinda Price - Bridie Connell and more
Production Completion
Production Company
Mangrove Films Pty Ltd
Sales information not available