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Cat is ready for some fun and freedom with Isabel busy on the election campaign trail. She begins a school-run internship at tech and media giant Aletheia, the perfect place for budding journalist like her to dig into issues that matter. Things get complicated when she discovers her mother is dating, and all her friends are harbouring their own secret crushes. She eventually stumbles upon a story far bigger than the PM’s love life - Aletheia’s tech is actively manipulating the fads sweeping her classmates. If it can affect that, who knows what it could do during an election? As Cat journalistic instincts kick in, she unearths absurd adventures, messy feelings and something that might low-key destroy Mum’s day job.

Cast & Crew & Production Details

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This title is part of a series

Series listing
The PM's Daughter series 1 2021
The PM's Daughter series 2 2021
Julie Kalceff  Lisa Matthews
Jessica Paine  Lou Sanz  Hannah Samuel  Alexandra Cullen
Tim Powell
Executive Producers
Warren Clarke  Tristram Baumber
Dir. of Photography
Tony Gardiner
Production Designer
Claire Granville
Ret Cassandra Helmot - Natalie English - Jaga Yap - Amelie James-Power - Bailey Hayward - Claire Fearon - Anthony Brandon Wong - Gemma Bird Matheson - Renee Lim
Production Completion
Comedy, Drama
Production Company
Fremantlemedia Australia Pty Ltd

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